I've got some things to sell, interested?

100%. Send an email with images, a description together with the price you want. If we like what you've got, we'll get back to you.

Do you design?


I work in the film industry, can you help?

If you work in a Set Dec team and you're looking for something(s), if you want consultation or if you've got any questions, we might be able to help. Matthew has a few years experience working on big budget studio productions.

Can you help me find something specific?

We can try.

Is my data safe?

Yep. See the data section in the 'shop policies' page for more information.

Can I visit the studio?

We urge you to do so. Call to arrange and book in an appointment.

Can I hire?

Sure. The rate of hire is 20% of the piece price per week. You're welcome to arrange your own collection and delivery, providing the correct insurance is taken out or we are happy to arrange on your behalf. If the item is broken during the hire the full listed price will be payable.

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